REDARC Alpha Series Charger With RedVision Monitor

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Power your path with this battery charger & monitor bundle deal, featuring the rock solid REDARC Alpha Series charger and the RedVision Monitor for seamless battery management. Available in three models, Alpha50, Alpha75, and Alpha100 – this versatile charger combines DC, AC and solar charging to keep your auxiliary batteries fully charged, no matter where your journey takes you.

Monitor your battery status in real-time with the RedVision display and Bluetooth module, ensuring you’re always charged & ready to go. Compact yet powerful, the Alpha Series provides reliable and efficient charging to power all your essential gear.

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3-In-One Kit

The ultimate charger & monitor kit that just works together seamlessly!

3-In-One Power

Harness power from solar, DC and AC power sources. The ultimate tripple-source charger!


  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Current Measurement Range: ± 500A
  • Start Battery Input Voltage Range: 9-32VDC
  • Solar Input Voltage Range: 9-32VDC
  • Nominal Input Voltage: 12V
  • AC Input Range: 95 – 264 VAC / 45 – 65 Hz.
  • Operating Temperature: –20°C to 60°
  • Weight (Alpha50): 5.8kg
  • Weight (Alpha75): 6kg
  • Weight (Alpha100): 6.1kg
  • Height: 120mm
  • Width: 154mm
  • Length: 400mm



When equipped with the lasting power of a Custom Lithium RV battery, you can journey further and stay powered for longer. Satellite wifi, cooking appliances, kettle, fridge – have it all & more!


Superior Range and Solid Reliability – Bluetooth 5.1


What size DCDC Charger would I need?

Choosing the right size DCDC charger from our REDARC Alpha Series depends on your charging needs and battery capacity. We offer three sizes: 50Ah, 75Ah, and 100Ah, each designed to cater to different power requirements and charging speeds.

All REDARC Alpha chargers are fully compatible with our Custom Lithium batteries and feature sophisticated charging technology. For those looking for efficient charging with the flexibility to harness solar power, our models include built-in MPPT solar regulators, while others focus solely on DC-DC charging.

For larger battery systems or if you prefer quicker recharge times, opting for a higher amperage model, such as the 75Ah or 100Ah, is recommended. These larger chargers expedite the charging process, making them ideal for extensive use or larger setups.

If you have smaller batteries or are less concerned about rapid charging, our 50Ah model provides a balance of efficiency and speed, suitable for everyday needs. All our batteries can effectively utilize chargers up to 40A, but choosing a smaller charger, like a 25A or 30A model, is also viable—just expect a longer charging duration.

When considering third-party chargers or existing setups, ensure the charger is compatible with lithium batteries and supports the necessary settings for optimal charging: 13.5 volts for absorption/float charge and a bulk charge of 14.2 volts. This ensures your battery is charged safely and maintains its longevity.

Additional information

Weight 5.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 154 × 400 mm
Charger Option

50 AMP Charger, 75 AMP Charger, 100 AMP Charger