Compact Lithium Battery

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Upgrade your caravan with our Compact Lithium Batteries, and hit the open road without worry. Available in 4 capacities from 200Ah to 310Ah. Designed for medium use 12V requirements, powering your caravan lights, refrigerator and other essential appliances.

Our batteries deliver maximum power in a compact form, ensuring reliable auxiliary power without the bulk. Ideal for adventurers who value a compact yet powerful auxiliary system.

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Power Outlet
Coffee Machine
Cooking Utilities

Australian Made

Made in Brisbane, you can depend on our top-notch quality and rugged performance.

Designed by Enthusiasts

Designed by our team of off-roading and camping enthusiasts, our auxiliary battery systems are perfect to power your adventure.


Continuous BMS AMPs
200 Ah 225 Ah 280 Ah 310 Ah
Continuous 200AMPs Continuous 330AMPs
Standard and Max Charge Current
100AMP Standard, 200AMP Max All size capacities
Discharge Overcurrent Protection
200 Ah 225 Ah 280 Ah 310 Ah
850AMP Protection 950AMP Protection
Dimensions (mm)
200 Ah 225 Ah 280 Ah 310 Ah
265 x 190 x 255 338 x 187 x 245
Weight (Kg)
200 Ah 225 Ah 280 Ah 310 Ah
20 kg 28 kg
Operating Temp
-20°C – 60°C All size capacities
M8 terminals All size capacities
Charge Voltage
14.2v – 14.6v All size capacities
13.4v – 13.6v All size capacities
Cut off voltage
10.5v All size capacities



Equip your caravan with a compact yet powerful auxiliary battery from Custom Lithium. Powering all your essentials so you can hit the road without worry.


What Size DCDC Charger Do I Need With These Compact Lithium Batteries?

Our compact range of lithium auxiliary batteries are available in four sizes: 200Ah, 225Ah, 280Ah, and 310Ah, each designed to meet different levels of power demand for medium use 12V requirements in caravans.

For optimal performance and faster charging times, we recommend matching the charger size with your battery capacity:

  • 200Ah capacity: A 25A DCDC charger is ideal, providing a cost-effective option with an acceptable charging speed.
  • 225Ah and 280Ah sizes: A 40A DCDC charger is ideal, providing a good balance between charging speed and efficiency.
  • 310Ah capacity: Opt for a larger DCDC charger, such as a 50A model, to recharge more quickly and especially if you frequently use high-demand appliances.

All our Compact Lithium Batteries are engineered to work efficiently with DCDC chargers that can support the specific needs of lithium technology. Ensure that any DCDC charger you choose can accommodate the necessary settings for lithium batteries, typically requiring an absorption/float charge of 13.5 volts and a bulk charge setting of 14.2 volts.

If you’re considering a third-party charger or have an existing charger, verify that it is compatible with lithium batteries and meets these voltage requirements to ensure safe and efficient charging.

Can I Directly Swap My AGM Battery with a Lithium Battery?

Switching from an AGM to a lithium battery in your caravan involves more than just swapping the units due to different charging requirements and battery chemistries. Lithium batteries, while lighter and more efficient with a longer lifespan, need precise charging to avoid overcharging and potential safety risks.

Before making the switch, verify that your existing charging equipment, including DC-DC chargers, solar charge controllers and 240V chargers, are compatible with lithium technology. Check your equipment manuals thoroughly to ensure they can accommodate lithium batteries, ensuring a safe and effective upgrade.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 265 × 190 × 245 mm
Capacity Size

200 AH Compact, 225 AH Compact, 280 AH Compact, 310 AH Compact